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Veterinary Go-Bag

For an updated list, go HERE, courtesy of Dorinda
  1. Tweezers
  2. Vetwrap
  3. stethoscope (Ebay)
  4. Otoscope (Ebay)
  5. Thermometer (digital rectal) and covers, a condom will work as will a rubber glove for a sterile cover if you should need it.
  6. ky jelly or vaseline
  7. Different size baby bottles
  8. Syringes and Needles
  9. Tetanus Antitoxin
  10. gauze pads
  11. Sanitary Napkins (for larger injuries)
  12. Saline
  13. hydrogen peroxide (wound cleaning and to induce vomiting)
  14. Activated charcoal
  15. Iodine
  16. q-tips
  17. Gauze wraps
  18. tape
  19. scissors
  20. Terramycin (antibiotic for eyes)
  21. Tattoo Tools to permanently Identify your animals
  22. Injectable vitamins and minerals (livestock supplies)
  23. Dental Floss (birthing emergencies to tie umbilical cords)
  24. Super Glue, liquid bandage or blood stop
  25. Pedialyte (dollar tree has quart bottles for a dollar!)
  26. Kaolin Pectate (livestock feed store) for diahrea
  27. Injectable antibiotic (livestock feed store)
  28. Aspirin - all animals can take it. Yes there are better ones but something is better than nothing just learn how much to give your species!
  29. Sewing needle and fish line
  30. copy of your pets Medical records
  31. Feeding tube and syringe (ebay)
  32. Multi species Milk replacer and colostrum replacer (feed store) can be instrumental in saving abandoned baby animals.
  33. Nail trimmers for your Species
  34. Microscope for fecal exams if you do them (We only worm with PROOF of Need!)
  35. Tooth scaling devices (EBAY)