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Armchair Patriot - PRIVACY

There's no such thing as a private email.

It's on various servers in it's meandering path from sender to receiver.

Plus Google (and many other robots) prowl the web LOOKING for information to report, correlate and store.

Even a server hosted on a home computer has to hop through several servers to/from you.

Static or Dynamic IP has nothing to do with it - even a Dynamic IP on a home server still has those nefarious hops.

The tactic most people use is to adopt an alias such as "crack-shot-Lil" to try to disguise who you are.

Even then, your IP address is still visible - a good techie can narrow it down pretty well.

We all have a desire for privacy ... but there's only so much we can do when online.

What to do ? Don't send data that could embarrass/harm you - you decide.